Are you thinking about how your school is going to prepare students for the PARCC assessment? Click below to view the latest sample released by the Arizona Department of Education:

Curriculum Mapping Guide
doc-icon.gif curriculum-map-guidelines-revised-4-5-13.doc 145 KB
CCSS Assessment Sample
ppt-icon.gif CCSS-Assessment-Samples.ppt 6.1 MB
Caring For Your Gerbil
doc-icon.gif caring-for-your-pet-gerbil-3-5-final-112712.doc 579 KB
A Second Chance for Chance
doc-icon.gif second-chance-for-chance-final-112712.doc 336 KB
Skateboarding Basics: The Ollie
doc-icon.gif skateboarding-basics-6-8-final-121812.doc 701 KB

Arizona Arizona College and Career Ready Standards Materials

PARCC ELA Content Frameworks

English Language Arts/Literacy Grade 3
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFforELALiteracyGRADE 3_FINALAug2012.pdf 671 KB
English Language Arts/Literacy Grade 4
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFforELALiteracyGRADE4_FINALAug2012.pdf 662 KB
English Language Arts/Literacy Grade 5
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFforELALiteracyGRADE5_FINAL_Aug2012_0.pdf 662 KB
English Language Arts/Literacy Grade 6
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFforELALiteracyGRADE6_FINALAug2012.pdf 654 KB
English Language Arts/Literacy Grade 7
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFforELALiteracyGRADE7_FINALAug2012.pdf 653 KB
English Language Arts/Literacy Grade 8
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFforELALiteracyGRADE8_FINALAug2012.pdf 654 KB
English Language Arts/Literacy Grade 9
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFforELALiteracyGRADE9_FINALAug2012.pdf 670 KB
English Language Arts/Literacy Grade 10
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFforELALiteracyGRADE10_FINALAug2012.pdf 672 KB
English Language Arts/Literacy Grade 11
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFforELALiteracyGRADE11_FINALAug2012.pdf 669 KB

PARCC Math Content Frameworks

Mathematics Algebra II
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFMathematicsAlgII_Nov2012V3_FINAL.pdf 839 KB
Mathematics Geometry
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFMathematicsGeo_Nov2012V3_FINAL.pdf 710 KB
Mathematics Mathematics II
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFMathematicsMath II_Nov2012V3_FINAL.pdf 750 KB
Mathematics Mathematics I
pdf-icon.gif PARCCMCFMathematicsMathI_Nov2012V3_FINAL.pdf 748 KB

Evidence Guides

English Language Arts and Literacy, Grades 3-5
pdf-icon.gif evidence-guide_ela-3-5.pdf 409 KB
English Language Arts, Grades 6-12
pdf-icon.gif evidence-guide_ela-6-12.pdf 408 KB
English Language Arts and Literacy, Grades K-2
pdf-icon.gif evidence-guide_ela-k-2.pdf 411 KB
Mathematics, Grades K-8
pdf-icon.gif evidence-guide_math.pdf 411 KB

Livebinder Materials

Arizona College and Career Ready Standards Apps


From the News

PARCC Resources from the Arizona Department of Education

PARCC Resources from the Rhode Island Department of Education

Advances in the PARCC ELA/ Literacy Assessment
pdf-icon.gif PARCC_Shifts-and-Sample-Items-Overview_ELA-Literacy-08182012_0.ppt 965 KB
Technology Guidelines For PARCC Assessments
pdf-icon.gif parcc_technology-guidelines-v1_1.pdf 105 KB
Technology Guidelines for PARCC Assessments
pdf-icon.gif parcc_technology-guidelines-v1_faq.pdf 114 KB
The Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers
pdf-icon.gif parcc-mcf-for-mathematics-webinar_112111.pdf 938 KB
Advances in the PARCC Mathematics Assessment
pdf-icon.gif PPT_Messaging-for-PARCC-Math-Sample-Items_FINAL_revised_081212_1.pptx 402 KB

The following is a list of resources that the English Language Arts Arizona College and Career Ready Standards trainers provided for the participants.

  • www.corestandards.org This is a link to Arizona College and Career Ready Standards but is not the same as the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards SS.

  • www.commoncore.org This site is filled with news items from states who were first awarded the RTTT funds. There is also a link for Curriculum maps that can be purchased that are aligned to the CCSS for $75.00.

  • www.lexile.com The Lexile levels have changed and there are schools who use Accelerated readers for their students to read and take a test on. This is an excellent resource for all schools who want to realign their classroom and school libraries. It is filled with information for teachers, tutors, and parent groups.

Arizona College and Career Ready Standards 101 - 2012 - West Central Regional Service Center
ppt-icon.gif Common-Core-101-2012-West-Central-Regional-Service-Center.pptx
CC 101 Introduction
pdf-icon.gif CC-101-Introduction.pdf 238 KB
CC 101 Introduction
doc-icon.gif CC-101-Introduction.doc 529 KB
5 Things Every Teacher Should be Doing to Meet...
pdf-icon.gif 5_Things_Every_Teacher.pdf 1 MB
Arizona College and Career Ready Standards Resources
doc-icon.gif CCSSPARCC_Resources_January2012.docx 33 KB