Informational Notes

These notes are from meetings of:

  • Arizona Department of Education
  • County Superintendents offices
  • Governor's office of Educational Innovation
Amended By-Laws of them WCRSC
doc-icon.gif Amended-By-Laws-WCRSC.doc
Regional Council Members 02-16-13
doc-icon.gif Regional-Council-Members-Revised-02-16-13.doc
Arizona Public Engagement Task Force
doc-icon.gif Arizona-Public-Engagement-Task-Force.pdf
Arizona's Arizona College and Career Ready Standards Communications Toolkit
doc-icon.gif AZ-Common-Core-Standards-Commuinications-Toolkit.pdf
Arizona Arizona College and Career Ready Standards ADE Implementation Plan
doc-icon.gif Az-Ready-presentation-12-17-12.pdf
10-16-12 WCRSC Meeting Minutes
doc-icon.gif 10-16-12-WCRSC-Meeting-Minutes.doc
Student Teacher Course Connection Webinar schedule and Newsletter links
doc-icon.gif STCC-webinars-series-and-newsletters.docx
Approved By Laws WCRSC
doc-icon.gif Approved-By-Laws-WCRSC.doc
8-17-12 WCRSC Meeting Minutes
doc-icon.gif 8_17_12-WCRSC-Meeting-Minutes.doc
5-7-12 West Central Regional Service Center Council Minutes
doc-icon.gif 5.7.12_Minutes.doc
5.7.12 Attachment
pdf-icon.gif 5.7.12_Attachment.pdf
2-10-12 Notes from meeting with County Superintendents
doc-icon.gif 2-10-12-Notes-from-meeting-with-County-Superintendents.doc